Our Team

Founders and Managing Partners


Daniel Allen, President & ceo

Dan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Atmos Industries, a Native American owned logistics & technology firm in San Diego, CA. Before founding Atmos, Dan worked several years in the trenches of the logistics and finance industries. Don’t be fooled by his laid-back persona and kind temperament, Dan is as competitive and demanding as they come. He is constantly looking for new ways to challenge himself and others around him, never settling for less than stellar results. His vision for Atmos is simple, to provide his team with the environment and resources they need to thrive, so that they can provide clients with unparalleled service & attention to detail.


Brandon Cook, VP & Director of procurement

Brandon joined Atmos Industries in 2019 as the Vice President & Director of Procurement. It only takes one interaction with Brandon to know that you’re dealing with a true professional. He is well versed, and has over a decade of management experience in commercial retail, sales and marketing. He leads our technology team with over 15 years experience providing IT services, including several years working for some of the Nations’ largest financial institutions. Brandon has developed the tools to examine the market with a high level of scrutiny and can efficiently identify the best possible solutions for our clients needs. He, much like Dan, demands excellence from himself and others making him a great resource for our company and yours.


Jaz Kalkat, producer & cfo

Jaz, our jack of all trades, serves as our in-house producer and Chief Financial Officer. He attended The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, earning his Bachelors in Feature Film Production. He has gone on to produce numerous feature films, shorts and commercials for client’s such as: Nike, Pagoda, AT&T, State Farm, and Disney. His impressive resume doesn’t stop there, as he is also a skilled farmer and real estate investor. Jaz works diligently to ensure we maximize the clients spending power without sacrificing the quality of services provided